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 If you are very familiar with PuTTY, then this software has been taken to the next level through KiTTY application, which has now become the best Telnet/ SSH client that you will come across in this world. KiTTY is a shift from the 0.64 version of PuTTY. 

 Popular Features  

 - Sessions filter will help in managing a large number of sessions easily in folders and you can create one folder for application, one for the environment and so on. 
 - You can create shortcuts for each saved session and each session's folder by creating a registry key with the help of the shortcuts for pre-defined commands feature. 
 - You can use the sessions launcher feature to launch any session easily. Also, you can hide or unhide running sessions from the desktop and task bar using the opened sessions menu.

 Graphical Features

 - You can quickly launch a duplicate session when you are working on a session by pressing CTRL + SHIFT and then pressing the left mouse button by placing it in the middle of the active window. 
 - The protect option allows you to protect your session from any of the unfortunate keyboard input. This is activated by pressing CTRL+F9 keys.  
 - Identifying a specific window from a large number of open windows is easy by creating icons for each session. 
 - A window that you want can always be put in the foreground using the Always visible option. 
 - You can move a window to the Windows system tray by using the send to tray option easily. 
 - To save screen space, you can move the main window into the title bar by using the roll up feature. 

 Technical Features  

 You can use the KiTTY software to run a script that is saved on your local Windows PC on any remote machine. Automatic connection with ssh-1, ssh-2 and Telnet servers can be made by filling the auto login password in the Connection/Data configuration. You can also send an automatic command to ssh or Telnet server as soon as the connection is established. 

 Other Features

 - All configurations are saved automatically by using the windows registry. 
 - The software is compressed to reduce the binary file size.
 - Any part of the text that is on display on the terminal screen can be printed on a printer using the clipboard printing feature. 
 - Option to add background image to sessions windows. 

 With a host of features and an easy to use interface, KiTTY is a software designed to be exclusively used for the Windows platform. It is a dial up software that you  should never give a miss. 

KiTTY screenshotKiTTY screenshot

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